E-Mail marketing – Does it really work?

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More and more telemarketing companies now are using bulk E-mail marketing now as a way of promoting their business. E-mail marketing can be an effective and relatively cheap way of promoting your business. The key here is to analyse the results. There is no point in just sending out thousands of E-mail and then sitting […]

Professionalism: The key to success.

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Success in a recession is paramount to survival but most industry experts agree that that this can be achieved without cutting corners on the services we provide. Telemarketers should always remember that they represent not only their company but the industry as a whole. The best agencies in the country have good rates of staff […]

Repeat Business

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Even in a time of uncertainty, where certain economic markets are becoming smaller, there are still a number of companies who are continuing to grow. Where they are having particular success is in the fact that they are focusing on their existing clients. Failure to focus on an ongoing basis on your clients’ needs is […]

Staff Training and Development

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In this current economic climate companies are constantly reassessing their budgets. Department budgets have been slashed normally affecting HR, marketing and training the most. Marketing is fundamentally the key driver for any company. The approach to market must be far more strategic and focused to ensure new business leads are identified before the competition has the opportunity to close in. […]

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