Website Lead Tracking gives you a valuable insight for B2B businesses into who is visiting your website by filling-in the blanks as to the identity and contact details of the businesses viewing your products & services.

Benefits of Lead Tracking

Having traffic to your company website is, of course, essential and tools such as Google Analytics can delivery useful information as to how many visitors there have been, what pages they visited, how long they spent on the website etc but in terms of lead generation, such stats are of no use as they don’t answer the questions of WHO has been visiting the website and HOW do you follow-up their visit.

Designed for B2B businesses, our website lead tracking services analyses your website visitors and provides real-time data telling you what companies are visiting the website and also aggregates their details for you to use as a powerful marketing tool.


We will use sophisticated software and our expertise to analyse all of your website traffic / visitors in real-time.


We will match the data we produce with various sources to identify the visiting company or organisation.


We will provide you with the analysed data showing you what companies or organisations have visited your website.


We can follow-up on the visits on your company’s behalf or you are free to engage with them independently.


The most important stage – your visitors are converted into new business for your company.

Focus on Your Business

By engaging Team Telemarketing to undertake this process your company will receive a constant stream of data pertaining to interested parties which can then be followed-up to gain new business.

Should you wish to ‘automate’ the entire process end-to-end, Team Telemarketing can undertake the follow-up calls on your company’s behalf with our skilled team of telemarketing staff making the process seamless from beginning to end … then all you have to do is fulfil the orders!


Have questions?

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