A Customer Satisfaction Survey provides information to define short and long term goals for your brand and identify opportunities to create and reinforce positive experiences so that you can retain existing customers and add new customers.

What's Involved?

We offer the most efficient way of carrying out this market research. We can administer your own surveys or design bespoke solutions to capture, collate and feedback the data that will help you adapt to your market.

We will design surveys to segment customers based on satisfaction scores, measure relative customer satisfaction scores over time, or find insights for customer experience improvements.

What Does a Customers Want?

Whilst there is an exhaustive list of elements of an engagement with a company that has influence on a customer’s overall satisfaction, there are several key indicators that a can identify whether or not an experience was favourable or not which can then, of course, form the basis for deeper qualitative study.

Customers want, and expect, defect-free products and services and their satisfaction level in dealings with your organisation will be diminished if this is not found to be the case. However, a drop in overall customer satisfaction can be offset in such circumstances as product/service failure based upon the strength of the following three items.

An interaction with just a single caring, friendly employee, can make a customer feel good about doing business with an entire company. The more personable and helpful the approach of your staff, the greater the overall customer satisfaction.

Customer experiences guide their expectations, so on-time delivery standards continue to get tougher all the time. What your customer today thinks of as ‘on-time’ is based upon their similar experiences with other organisations for similar products and/or services. Falling outside these expectations can seriously damage a customer’s overall satisfaction rating.

Effective cannot be measured by whether you have restored the situation to the pre-problem status quo. Effective is measured by whether you have restored customer satisfaction. Resolve a service problem effectively and your customer is more likely to become loyal than if they’d never run into a problem in the first place!


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