Data is key to an effective marketing campaign with data procurement essential to ensuring a campaign has quality, targeted data as its starting point.

A profitable telemarketing campaign begins with high calibre data. Without this wasted time and effort can be used making calls to unresponsive and uninterested targets or to people who are not in a position to authorise purchases.

Recent marketing studies have come to establish that a telemarketing campaign that has properly targeted data can out-perform one that hasn’t by 400% in conversion rates.

Targeted database purchase and management makes sure that your company’s sales force are making calls to a carefully profiled database meaning better conversion figures and a huge time saving when they are not pitching to totally unsuitable prospects.

Why Data Procurement?

To ensure a business gets its share of the marketplace it needs to be proactive in identifying and contacting leads. However, the process of building a sufficient number of leads for a marketing campaign can be very time consuming and, unless a company has a dedicated team with significant expertise, nigh-on impossible on a regular basis.

Team Telemarketing’s Data Procurement service removes this concern for clients at the commencement of a campaign. Data can be selected using different criteria to include:

  • Contact Job title
  • Business Sector
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Turnover
  • Area by county or postcode

Plus many other factors depending on business sector.


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