Making Sure Your Sales Team Stays Ahead Of The Game During A Pandemic

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Successful selling is reliant on persistence and consistency, without both you won’t get far. With the uncertainty around business this year in particular, it is more important than ever to drive that sales ethos and develop your selling to build better relationships and offer a better service that is engaging and attractive to prospects. Staying […]

The Best Way To Create Genuine Customer Loyalty

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No matter how big or small your business gaining customer loyalty is something every business should strive for. It has been proven that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers, staying loyal to their favourite brands and products even when prices increase. It is up to ten times more expensive to attract new customers, […]

Why Is Customer Retention So Important?

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Did you know that customer acquisition costs FIVE times more than customer retention? Customer retention is something that every business must value to grow and succeed in any industry. Whilst having an experienced and focused sales team is a huge driving force for your business, making sure retaining the customers you work so hard to […]

How To Execute A Great Welcome Call Campaign

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During these changing times, loyalty is something you will find hard to obtain and for that reason, it is important to put the spotlight onto how you communicate with your customers in the first instances. Leaving a good impression is everything and a key ingredient to retaining customer business and essentially, their loyalty. At Team […]

Setting Your Lead Generation Budget

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Marketing budgets are usually consumed by lead generation at around 53%, which means understanding what you need to do and getting it right is essential for a return on investment. It’s no secret that you can attract more customers through lead generation, providing the vital information they need about your business and products at the […]

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