The Human Touch Still Works In Sales And Here’s Why

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We are fully invested in the digital age, and whether you’re using technology for business or pleasure, it is a rapidly developing era that is well and truly here to stay. With that being said, traditional methods of communication like sending a letter and even making a simple telephone call are less desirable streams of […]

Measuring The Value Of Telemarketing Beyond Leads

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Telemarketing is used as a marketing method that usually demands x amount of leads and sales as the top priority, but the value of what you are doing with telemarketing can be measured in other ways too. Evaluating your success and your failures when it comes to your telemarketing campaign is important to do at […]

Three Ways To Be More Brave When It Comes To Your B2B Marketing

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Brave marketing usually inspires and stems from authenticity, which are both attributes your business could use for uncapped success. Being brave when into comes to your B2B marketing, will allow you to not only make mistakes worth learning from but also you could discover an authentic, unique way to connect with your customers that nobody […]

Three Important Reasons To Listen Closely To Customers

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It is more important to listen to your customers than it ever has been. With the development of social media and review sites like, TripAdvisor and Trust Pilot, it has also never been easier to listen to what your customers want. The same applies in your telemarketing and marketing efforts, if you’re not listening to […]

Five Ways To Refresh And Revive Your Sales Team

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If you have been working on a campaign for a long time with the same team of people, it can definitely get a little stale. Having a team that is motivated, passionate and enjoying their work will encourage more sales and inspire a better attitude and tone when delivering those telemarketing and sales calls. But […]

The Challenges Of Managing An In House Telemarketing Campaign

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Many businesses prefer to keep all of their projects and marketing in house, which is absolutely fine if you know what you are up against. Although staying in house can benefit your bank balance in the short term, you may find some challenges a long the way when it comes to inexperience and lack of […]

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