Social Selling: How To Attract B2B Buyers Using Social Media

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One of the biggest shifts in the B2B marketplace since the dawn of the digital age, is how and why B2B buyers make their purchasing decisions. Decision makers have become younger and millenials are the most common decision makers for business buying in 2019. In the same breathe, millenials are the most active and most […]

Handling Objections In B2B Telemarketing

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Whilst we’re sure your product or service has many features, benefits and USP’s, not everybody is going to be convinced by your product or service on first sight. In sales, these rejections and knock backs are common place and you won’t be the first or last business to experience these objections. What is important when […]

Improving Your Sales Pipeline

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Is your sales pipeline struggling to navigate positive results? Your business could be missing out on some great sales opportunities and you may not be making the most of your leads as a result. So how can you improve your sales pipeline in a way that doesn’t involve over the top investment but entices better […]

Top Tips For Performing B2B Market Research

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Do you want to increase your B2B sales and leads? Want to get more from your existing B2B customers? High quality business to business market research is invaluable to the success of your campaigns, and ultimately your business goals. So, how can you better your B2B market research? Team Telemarketing has some top tips… Understand […]

The Human Touch Still Works In Sales And Here’s Why

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We are fully invested in the digital age, and whether you’re using technology for business or pleasure, it is a rapidly developing era that is well and truly here to stay. With that being said, traditional methods of communication like sending a letter and even making a simple telephone call are less desirable streams of […]

Measuring The Value Of Telemarketing Beyond Leads

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Telemarketing is used as a marketing method that usually demands x amount of leads and sales as the top priority, but the value of what you are doing with telemarketing can be measured in other ways too. Evaluating your success and your failures when it comes to your telemarketing campaign is important to do at […]

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