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Telemarketing growth – A good thing?

This day and age telemarketing is a growth industry with telemarketing services ranging from banking and the financial sector right through to products and services. Telemarketing can be a double edged sword though. When done correctly it offers the best way to get through straight to the customer but can also be a thorn in […]

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The other side of telemarketing

Research on the internet shows there are any number of pages dedicated to telling you how to deal with telemarketers, tips for getting rid of telemarketers and anything else that people can gripe on about with regards to telemarketers and the world of telemarketing. Spare a thought for the telemarketer. We don’t get up in […]

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Training Days – A worthwhile investment?

All telemarketing agencies have some kind of training schedules.  These are very important in keeping your staff abreast of new campaigns, new strategies etc. Recently our telemarketing agency ran a training day with a difference.  The office was closed and we held a day where telemarketers where encourage to work in small groups and complete […]

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What makes a good Telemarketing Agency?

Picking the right agency for your telemarketing campaign is a crucial part of the selling process. You need to look carefully at potential telemarketing agencies and ask yourself a few questions. First do they provide you with a framework on which they will run your campaign? Things to look for here are: Samples of previous […]

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