5 Marketing Strategies That Will Take Off In 2019

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We are finally getting stuck into 2019, and with a new year comes new marketing trends and strategies. Successful marketing campaigns are usually dependant on hitting the right method in accordance to popularity and having a team of experts like Team Telemarketing, to implicate them into your business marketing plan. So, what can you expect […]

Instagram Lead Generation Tactics & Tools

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Instagram is the fastest growing social media platforms of all time and with good reason. Instagram has become a social platform for everyone and for every purpose, including the huge development and investment into creating a platform for businesses with more familiarity and broader audiences than other business networking social platforms. It is now even […]

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful brand or business, and understanding the importance of analysing your customer satisfaction rates will encourage growth and development for your business. There are many ways to measure customer satisfaction, in a way that will enable you to have a better understanding of what your customers think […]

Understanding Your Customer’s Buying Process

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The customer buying process is quite simply an understanding of the customers journey when deciding to buy a product or service. Understanding your customers buying process is one of the most important elements to the success of any business or brand who is wanting to develop and entice more sales. It also enables you to […]


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A very common mistake in telemarketing is negative questioning prospective customers. When you are contacting cold lines of customers, it’s important to be as positive as possible, not to help you convert to a sale, but for your own sanity as a telemarketer. It is no secret at all that rejection and negative reactions are […]

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