Watch Your ROI Rise With The Help Of Telemarketing

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You may have never considered telemarketing as an option for your business. Using multiple marketing methods, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring different techniques, including telemarketing, can be extremely beneficial to your business. Inactivity in marketing campaigns can really cost you and sending out slow response marketing material like email and mailshot, can […]

Exhibiting at the Solihull Chambers Expo

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Team exhibited at Solihull Chamber of Commerce Expo 2019 at the Holiday Inn on Friday 17th May. We really enjoyed the day and got to connect and network with lots of great people and businesses. The atmosphere was buzzing and we caught a very informative seminar regarding “Doing Business in Solihull”. Denise Thompson did a […]

The Power Of Multilingual Telemarketing

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English is one of the most common languages native and learned in the world, and is something as native English speakers, we take for granted. Although English has become a ‘world language’, there will still be people in your target market who do not possess the ability to use it and that is where multilingual […]

Can Social Media Marketing Impact Your SEO?

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Social media has rapidly become the ultimate communication platform for connecting with target audiences and customers for all sizes of business. Social media has so many more benefits than just a line of communication between business and customer, it helps to build brand personality and reputation, allows you a platform to promote your business and […]

Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

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Everybody and even, their dog has a blog these days and we’ve all become quite partial to not only wanting to consume as much information as possible, but also to offer as much content to our followers, our customers and our peers in equal measure. In the same breathe, every single business has a website, […]

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