Boosting Your Business With Telemarketing Post Covid

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After the last 18 months of the global pandemic, many businesses have been rethinking their approach to customers, with many turning to telemarketing to stay connected with their customers during this time of social distancing and disconnect from the life we knew before coronavirus. So, how can you use telemarketing to boost business post covid? […]

Welcome Jamie!

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Jamie Gifford has joined our award-winning team as Client Services Manager. We have huge plans for the company over the next 2 years and Jamie’s tenure will be pivotal to those plans.  With vast experience in the world of telemarketing and lead generation, Jamie’s involvement will ensure our current and future clients will enjoy a […]

Getting Over Phone Anxiety In Our New Normal

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Lockdown is almost over, and with more and more of the world reopening in our new normal, it won’t be a surprise if after a year of uncertainty and lack of work, phone anxiety creeps back into your telemarketing team as they return to the office for the first few weeks. Phone anxiety is nothing […]

Reaching The Right People On Social Media

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B2B marketing is a varied challenge, and there are many methods of communication that you can reach your target audience in. Social media has become one of the most popular B2B lead generation methods, offering a number of platforms to reach the right people and make more people aware of your business, products and services. […]

Three Habits Of An Expert Telemarketer

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Becoming an expert in telemarketing is really all about on the job experience, you learn the most about what and what doesn’t work in telemarketing when you’re making mistakes and getting hung up on because you didn’t execute the call well enough. Everybody in telemarketing has to gain experience to find the confidence in their […]

Three Ways To Make Your Cold Calling Leave The Right Impression

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Cold calling is one of the most frowned upon marketing methods for many businesses, but can be so effective if it’s well researched and done correctly. We would go as far to say that cold calling is an art and shouldn’t be carried out by just anyone, you can really tell the quality of a […]

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