The Different Types Of Telemarketing

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There are a number different telemarketing services for businesses to take advantage of, it is important to find which methods of telemarketing are best suited to your business. Outsourcing your telemarketing to somebody like Team Telemarketing puts you in the position to gain as much exposure as possible and a team of professionals can target […]

Why Are First Impressions So Important In Telemarketing?

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The art of delivering a great first impression is often overlooked, when in fact it can be the difference between securing a sale and losing a potential customer. Being conscious of creating a great first impression will make the call more enjoyable for both the customer and the agent, and will make things much easier […]

Closing Your Telemarketing Calls Like A Pro

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Closing your telemarketing calls like an expert is something that comes with experience as a telemarketer, and we have bucket loads of experience to teach you just how to close your calls professionally whilst trying to gain the best outcome from your calls. Learning how to close your calls correctly can be the difference in […]

Injecting Warmth Into Your Telemarketing Calls

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Telemarketing has always had a negative stigma attached to it, with the phrase “cold calling” being one of the biggest culprits in creating an idea that telemarketing is a cold confrontation of prospects. Whilst the stigma exists, telemarketing has continued to thrive in a market that is ever changing, with new methods and new platforms […]

Top Tips For Sustainable Lead Generation

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Most businesses will be experiencing similar dilemmas when it comes to managing marketing budgets, and especially after the pandemic we expect that most businesses will be working to tight budgets to make up for lost time and money. Your lead generation should be wetting the appetite and attracting your prospects to your products and services, […]

Three Things To Include In Your Welcome Call Telemarketing Campaign

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We all know that first impression matter most, and making sure you’re always offering a great impression to new customers will benefit your business long term when it comes to retaining those customers in future. Welcome calls are one of the most common campaigns used in telemarketing to harness that great impression and ignite a […]

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