Insurance Renewal Collation

Looking to identify Insurance Renewal Dates? We specialise in telemarketing for insurance brokers. Our services are specifically designed to meet the sales and communications needs of brokerages that are looking to expand their customer base or better connect with existing customers. Business insurance renewal date gathering: Need to obtain commercial insurance renewal dates for your [...]


Research into both customer satisfaction and competitor analysis, you gain the knowledge to help make the right decisions. The right personal contact uncovers the best-quality information. Customer retention is based on sound business intelligence. Team’s telemarketing services offer the most efficient way of carrying out this market research. We can administer your own surveys or [...]

Delegate Booking

MAKING YOUR CONFERENCES, TRAININGS & EVENTS SUCCESSFULDelegate Booking & Event Marketing Personal invitations make a significant difference. Team builds attendance at big events, such as grand openings, product launches or trade shows. Our agents deliver the right message to the right people at the right time! COMPANIES WE'VE WORKED FOR 124KVisitors to date Get delegates [...]

Financial Services

Financial Services Telemarketing campaigns are undoubtedly more successful if the telemarketing company used has a wider understanding of the financial services sector and its industry specific terms and practices. What types of service? Team have worked for many years with a number of financial services companies offering services such as: Pensions Risk Management Solutions Insurance [...]

Data Profiling

Whatever your target audience data profiling will help you hit your target easier. We ensure all of our content is personalised and timely, with target messaging that is proven to be the best way to reach prospects, build a trustworthy reputation and gain loyalty to the brand. We use an account based marketing approach in [...]

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

Use our Appointment Setting and Sales Lead Generation Services and maximise the time that your sales team spend selling, plus the quality of the prospects that they are selling to. APPOINTMENT SETTING & LEAD GENERATION Team will enable your sales team to spend their time closing deals Appointment setting for in-person meetings Telephone appointments or [...]

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