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How To Get Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been rapidly increasing in growth for a while now and it seems that if you’re a professional, you’re on LinkedIn. More recently, many businesses have been recommending LinkedIn as an excellent source for leads and referrals – but just how well does it work? We’re exploring the ways that you can get leads […]

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New Year, New Sales!

Happy New Year! Considering a new marketing angle in 2019? Or do you have some specific targets and goals you want to achieve in 2019? Here at Team Telemarketing we would love to help you and your business succeed and thrive through the power of marketing and telemarketing. In 2018, we had our best year […]

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Closing Sales Like A Pro

There is no set of rules for closing sales, and you will find that all sales people themselves, will have different experiences and different methods to closing their sales. Experience is everything and there is no doubt that you will learn lots of lessons during your sales career that will enable you to adapt and […]

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Choosing A Telemarketing Agency

Telemarketing agencies are becoming big business right now, there are so many telemarketing agencies offering amazing benefits matched with amazing results, that will tempt you away from using your own resources. However, we would advise doing lots of research when it comes to choosing your telemarketing agency and in this post we will be telling […]

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful brand or business, and understanding the importance of analysing your customer satisfaction rates will encourage growth and development for your business. There are many ways to measure customer satisfaction, in a way that will enable you to have a better understanding of what your customers think […]

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How To Avoid Being A Nuisance Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be an extremely useful and responsive tool for both business and customer if properly executed. However, it easy to become part of the ‘stereotype’ that can be associated with telemarketing when it is done wrong. Outbound telemarketing can be hard to gain a response from, but there are ways you can ensure you […]

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