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Two Ways To Use Telemarketing Without Selling

Using telemarketing to reconnect with your customers and prospects during the ever changing circumstances surrounding Coronavirus is a worthwhile investment of your time. There are so many ways to utilise telemarketing without directly selling to your customers and target market, especially with the human touch becoming pushed aside this year. Customer Feedback Using this time […]

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Improving Your Sales Skills

Taking your time to polish up on your sales skill is essential and development should be an important priority for every business, especially in these difficult times. There are always opportunities to build upon and develop your sales skills to drive more success and conversion in your campaigns. We are sharing some of the ways […]

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Turning To Telemarketing During The Second Wave Of Coronavirus

Telemarketing was said to be a dying technique to reach and communicate with prospects since the dawn of social media, however, with the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the globe, telemarketing has seen it’s advantages thrown back into the spotlight when it comes to building Coronavirus secure marketing plans. Businesses have been thrown into turmoil since Coronavirus […]

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